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EH Photography Course

Learn how to take better photographs and how to edit them!

Normal Price: £100

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Offer Expires:

Monday 21st December at 11:59pm GMT

EH Photography 


Choose your Program

Practical Program

Family Photography Course

Photographing Old People

Photographing Children

Photographing Babies

Photographing the Family (groups)

Where to do your shoot

Photographing your family events

Pet Photography Course

How to get your pets to stay still

Where to go to take photographs

Photographing your pets and family members together

How to use lighting to bring out the detail in your pets

How to photograph a black dog

Branding Photography Course 

How to plan your shoot with the end in mind

Where to go for your branding shoots

How to make your subject feel at ease

How to take the perfect portrait

How to use rule of thirds to maximise your photographs

Technical Program

Understand your Settings

Shutter Speed



How the zoom works

As a photographer, where you should stand

Shooting in low light

How to add lighting to your photographs

Using off camera flash


Top Editing Secrets

How to get all your photographs to look part of a set with no inconsistencies

Understand how to use the editing software's to bring your photographs to life. 

How to edit things out of your photographs (like an ugly fire exit sign)! 

Understand black and white - how to know which are the best photographs to black and white


  1. Join our Facebook group

  2. Cheat Sheet – Settings and shortcuts

  3. Pricing Sheet – How we price our photography shoots

EH Photography Course

Hi, I'm Emma

I'm an Award Winning Photographer. I always loved taking photographs for as long as I can remember.


Unlike other photographers, over the years I have built my skills to be able to offer a range of photography to my clients.




Because I love working with people and it is an absolute pleasure to be there to capture all those special moments. 

We photograph: 

  • Weddings

  • Business Events

  • Private Events

  • Family

  • Pet's

  • Branding

  • Headshots


Want to know how you can do exactly the same? 

Get access to the photography course here: 


Don't just take it from us...

Emma is a fantastic photographer and I would highly recommend her. She was professional throughout and had a lovely personality. Her photographs are outstanding.

Kristina Dunne

EH Photography Course



About the Course

  • You access your course online and there are several videos in each course for you to continuously go back to over and over. We will send you your login details on the 12th January 2021 to access your course! 

  • You can go through the course in your own time allowing it to fit in around busy family life. 

  • You will learn actionable skills, we recommend you go out and try what you learn at the same time as watching your videos, that way you will learn faster. By implementing what you learn you will solidify your knowledge. While you will be able to take everything you learn on this course straight out to your next photo shoot, it is a journey, it's the practice and repetition that comes in for you to continually build on your skills. 

  • You don’t need the top of the range camera to take great photographsWe all start somewhere, and while I tried my hardest to get a brand new camera when I started out in Photography, I ended up with a second hand DSLR, it doesn't stop you from taking great photographs! 

  • You need to understand the basics to be able to take amazing photographsUnderstanding who your are photographing will ensure you get amazing photographs. Learn how to work with different people in different situations to get those brilliant photographs. 

  • These skills are transferrable from phone to cameraThe beauty of the skills you will learn, is they are key to taking great photographs, whether it's on your phone or camera, you must understand the basics to be able to build on them to take better photographs. 

FREE Photography


  • What is a Christmas Family Shoot?
    20 minute photography session The photos will be taken at our studio in Holmer Green, High Wycombe Get the whole family involved You will receive 5 images, edited and ready for printing and framing, in time for you to get gifts for your family and friends! The option to have your images in black and white The opportunity to upgrade your walls with new prints and frames
  • Where does the shoot take place?
    At our studio in Holmer Green, High Wycombe
  • How many people are allowed in the photos?
    It's a family session, with no more than 5 people, if you have more in your family, send us a message and we will have a chat to organise a shoot we can get everyone in for you.
  • Can we bring pets?
    No, there isn't enough space for pets to run around.
  • What should I wear?
    We recommend trying to colour match tones. Avoid high contrasting colours and clothing with a lot of patterns. Jeans and a colour top or jumper always works well. Bring christmas jumpers!
  • How long is the shoot?
    It's 20 minutes for your session, you then have time at the end to choose your favourite 5 images so we can get those edited and sent over as soon as possible for you! We suggest you allow 45 minutes for your experience.
  • Do I pay the full amount up front?
    Yes, you do pay the full amount straight away as these sessions get booked up quickly. If the session cannot take place due to Covid or cancelled by EH Photography Services, you will recieve a refund.
  • Can I buy more of the photographs if I like more than 5?
    Yes! We have different pricing options available for you. For 1 extra photograph it's £25 If you would like 5+ it's £10 per photo
  • When will the photographs be ready?
    We always suggest to allow 1-2 weeks for your photographs to be edited and sent out to you, being Christmas, we are working on getting your photographs to you within 5 days from your shoot so you can oragnise all those presents for your family. If you need them any faster, we do offer this service at an extra charge, just let the team know when you book in.
  • What about Covid, what happens if our shoot cannot take place?"
    Great news, we can do shoots! If for any reason your session is cancelled due to the govenement rules and regulations, we will adapt and move the shoot to either outdoors or a date we are able to shoot again, in the event your Christmas shoot cannot happen at all, we will refund you.





Yes, I want to build my skills!

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